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Reblog if you think that snakes should be treated better!

Yea snakes are way cuter then cats. like their cute killer instincts.

Contrary to animal rights propaganda and media hype, the greatest invasive species predator threat to wildlife in the Everglades is the feral cat, not the Burmese python. (x)

A lot can be said on this subject but I will leave my thoughts on it to just this: BOTH are carnivores and have “killer instincts” or they would not hunt and be able to survive. Cats kill loads of birds, rodents and reptiles. (x) (x) Native snakes are actually very important to the ecosystem while feral and “outdoor” cats are detrimental to it. One’s worth should not be weighed by how “cute” you perceive it to be.

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I went to check on Newt a few minutes ago and egg number 1 is here!!

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The Brazilian pygmy gecko (Coleodactylus amazonicus) is so small that raindrops pose a serious threat. Luckily, its body is so light and its skin so hydrophobic that it can shake off any drops that might land on it. It can even walk on water. 

Life (2009)

they go BOING on the leaves and then they go walk on water and stuff

Remind me to try this with some Lygodactylus…

This is actually really fascinating. The last pic is what intrigues me the most. Tumblr, are there any other vertebrates that can stay above water by means of surface tension?

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Any Aussies going this weekend? I’m going to be there taking photos with my camera and then heading to lunch and the beach afterwards. : )

might check it out’
i’ll be  in the area at least 

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A few more crappy photos of the hypo Honduran milksnakes post-shed.

If your white, orange, and purple one disappears it totally wasn’t me.

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Oh look some daddy baby photos because I was cleaning cages and what better way to procrastinate~

(this is flower btw)

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"one last check in the snake room before bed" 
and we have a decent lock up’ 
well a half ass one any way.  but he’s getting her!. 

Peanut (Caramel Jag) X  Butters (Albino)

good signs for the Sunglow project.  

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Ray-ray , or as my friend calls him “Pop corn” because “why isn’t this one named after junk food like all the others?”  the male Imbricarta

helping me  blog a stuff,   then he decided that blogging is  too much hard work and  proceeded to curl up in my piled up blanket for a nap.

i’ve got him set up in my room separate from the Girl until the end of this month, when i will be pairing them up for breeding.
Imbricarta’s go a lot later on than most other carpets do.

some of my girls are already showing good signs of being gravid.
where as these guys  havent even started  yet. 

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i have been looking at skinks on google images all day this is my favortie picture LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Emphasis on helpful, what you do isn't helpful, telling people they don't know how to take care of their animal. How is that supposed to be helpful? Copy and pasting the same sand bullshit and labeling it animal abuse. you should learn to tell people how to improve without acting like a total fucking twat.
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You’re a determined, angry little kumquat today aren’t you.

The less rude translation is “telling people about alternate, safer options for their pets as opposed to their current dangerous husbandry situation is totally not helpful at all and you’re a bad person for calling out animal abuse and trying to save the lives of a few lizards”