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Are you proud of yourself

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Peanut shed last night , so  thought i’d get some  pics of him this morning. 
I just love everything about this guy’ 

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New snake time!  This is Madrigal, a CB13 pure coastal jaguar carpet python.  I got her at Doncaster breeders’ meeting on Sunday, from a lovely Scottish breeder. 

Thus far she’s been a total sweetie pie, which is pleasing, because Karou… isn’t.

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Reese’s still hasn’t shed yet   but my goodness is she getting chunky now!~  

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its’ getting closer!

any one want to take a guess at how many?
i’m thinking  24  , but will they be slugs tho  :/ 

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most recent update of the book shelf’ 

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side note,
I THINK the  Imbricartas have been  mating , but I can’t say for %100 certainty on that one.    I do hope so tho.  

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bringing the new girl home next Saturday with any luck. 

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just waiting for Reese’s to shed now.

theses are Egg-citing times ahead’