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There’s nothing like a good tongue shot.

Vanilla Bumble Bee male

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one of the sitmmie girls , looking the good for this season. 

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Very nice cluch of anery scaleless and anery het scaleless corn snakes

Bred by Reptilis

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An Olive Python pulls a Wallaroo out of a canyon waterhole.

The photograph was taken in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

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not the best photo but  a  confirmed lock up none the less. 

caramel jag to  albino  ,   all going well this  is the  starting for  my Sunglow project. 

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i'm in love with your blog! i'm so happy when i see your lovely babies on my dash. :3 makes me day especially since i have to wait for months to go to repticon! i would love more reptiles on my dash, but i don't know many reptiles lovers on tumblr. are there any reptile blog you would suggest? (: please and thank you! <3
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Shieldhead Gecko (Gonatodes caudiscutatus) (by Lucas M. Bustamante-Enríquez)