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I forgot that I had these! This was Sigil’s second outing this summer and a bit shy this time around. But he soon relaxed and enjoyed himself :) I’ll have to get more pics soon, he’s gotten much bigger!

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Kimberley Rock Monitor  (Glauert’s Monitor)

This long-necked monitor lizard is commonly known as the Kimberley Rock Monitor, and has the scientific name of Varanus glauerti (Varanidae).

Varanus glauerti is a medium-sized monitor (up to 80 cm in length) which occupies rocky habitats, being both terrestrial or arboreal. Males and pairs often share the same tree, and even the same branch stub, with no evidence of agonistic behavior outside the breeding season. They are active foragers.  

This species is distributed from western Kimberley in Western Australia, to the northwestern tip of the Northern Territory (Australia).

References: [1] - [2]

Photo: ©Henry Cook

Locality: Kimberley, Western Australia

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"My anaconda don’t" stop flattering yourself it’s a garter snake at best

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I have a cellphone now which means I have a camera I can pretty much take on the go! This makes taking snake pictures much more convenient than lugging my big old semi-functioning camera around to work. So I apologize for the quality, but I hope you’ll enjoy the influx of photos.


This is probably my favorite kid from work. He’s easily the prettiest scaleless snake I’ve ever seen. Most of the others are more red or peachy, but he’s got stunning oranges and yellows with black saddles. He also has a very nice head shape.

He’s very inquisitive and kind of fussy in some ways. For instance, he never takes his food off the tongs. I have to make sure he smells it then gently set it down and check back 10 or so minutes later. After which it will usually be gone.

He also loves making an absolute mess of my hair if given the opportunity.

OMFG!!! his face makes my heart melt, looks like he is just the happiest snake he can be ;w; <3

Aww thanks <3 He cracks me up whenever I work with him. He’s not always the happiest (he’s still a Texas rat snake after all xD) but he’s generally pretty sweet and curious.

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Freshly shed (and snoozing) Peaches!  I tried to sneak the shed out from under her and she woke up.

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not really any update but  just tossing it out there 
been playing around on amazon and made a "wish list"  thingy 

added it to my links page as well’  

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Favorite non ball python! This is Noodle, our Children’s Python.

Looking into getting another soon and hopefully an Anthill Python or two at some point. If anyone knows of any Anthill breeders, I would appreciate the info.

nice little noodle ya go there! 

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Butters and Reese’s  progressing nicely.