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Small Pets Are Not Toys

  • Never buy an animal on impulse. You are toying with life.
  • Store bought cages are very, very rarely large enough for your pet
  • Never give a small pet to a child as a gift.
  • Never leave a small child alone with a small pet.
  • Fish do not belong in fish bowls.
  • rabbits do not belong in cages.
  • store bought bird cages are too small for any bird larger than a finch.
  • chinchillas and rabbits live from 8 to 14 years. 
  • Some reptiles will only eat live feed. Are you prepared for that?
  • Small rodents and rabbits can die of heart attacks when scared. Do you have a quiet home for your new pet?
  • adopt when possible.
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I uncovered some baby pictures of Figment! The first is from the first time I held her, when I decided she was the one I would take home. The next one is the first picture I took when I got her home. The third is about a week later when I picked her up again. I can’t believe she grew into the gorgeous boa she is today. The last picture is her at three years old, just a couple weeks ago. They change so much!

That they do!

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Free Sea Turtle Posters

from the Sea Turtle Conservancy

The Florida Sea Turtle Life History Posters Project was funded by a grant from the Sea Turtle License Plate Program. This project involved the development and distribution of a life history poster for each of the five species of sea turtles found in Florida. A set of posters is being provided at no cost to Florida sea turtle groups, rehabilitation and educational facilities, schools, environmental centers, libraries, and other groups requesting the materials.

Each poster is 3’ tall by 2’ wide. If you would prefer to print out your own smaller version of the poster, please click here.

Please note: Currently, STC can only provide free shipping for one set of posters per Florida address. If a person at your school, group or center has already requested a set of posters, or if you are outside of the state of Florida, or if you would like more than one set of posters, you will need to pay for postage. You will be contacted via email and asked to provide payment information if postage is required.

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Sphaerodactylus nicholsi, one of the smallest geckos in the planet. (x)

This is amazing. Look how small it is. It has a heart and a stomach and a brain. And it’s this small

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Why can you never cooperate.

Acquire a big mixle bowl sirmixalot stlyle in order better fit my Lumps, lovely fasty blobbellsum lumps! 9.75/10 Bring the boys malk shalk to the yard sard

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this makes me happy to see.
this is my art work ,  in the Scales and tails mag.
they commissioned this off of me some time ago to use  for their Birthday cards that they do with the  parties thing  in the young herpers section of the mag. 

this i the first time the image has been published in the book tho. 

link to the original on my DA 

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Gongylophis colubrinus


Gongylophis colubrinus


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I feel like everytime I take pictures Tucker he has this face saying “seriously another picture”